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Team Timothy Cambodia 2011 #8

Posted in Cambodia,Team Timothy by lenpine on August 2, 2011

Sharon, one of our “crafty” ladies, doing an awesome job with the children

We woke up to a wet and windy morning, with steady rain beating on the windows and promising to make our day a wet one in the villages. By the time we arrived around 9 am, though, the rain had stopped, and it was dry all morning. Still no electricity, but we made do. Today was much better as far as the kids were concerned, a real answer to prayer. They were as attentive as 185 young children can be, interested in the lesson, working hard on their verses, and much more open with the team. I had another nice long session with the adults, about an hour and half of Bible study and discussion “Finding Jesus”, from Luke 2:41-51. Our translators really did a good job this week, and we praise God for them. After another nice lunch at the Srongs’ place (rice, fried fish, BBQ pork, chicken and vegetable stew, and ginger chicken, and then dragon fruit and bananas for dessert) got us ready for the afternoon school. By then the thunder was rumbling, the skies were darkening up, and after a little while we were all driven indoors by a soaking rain. We had 30 new kids in the afternoon with a total of over 200 in the afternoon. It was a good day.

Tonight we’ve begun to get things in order to leave in about 24 hours. All the leftover craft supplies are staying here, so have been organized for the Baldwins to use at their leisure. Tomorrow morning will be packing and cleaning, and then a relaxing trip around town in the afternoon to see a few things and pick up a few last items the young people would like to take home. We’ll head to the airport about 9 p.m.

I’m not sure when I’ll be able to blog again…perhaps in the Seoul airport after our day excursion there on the way home. It’s been a great trip in every respect. Thanks for your prayers for us…now, pray us home!


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  1. Victor Mack said,

    come home safe and sound. Well Len, everyone else might come home sound, but you at least come home safe. God bless you for all your work and care of the young ones.

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