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Team Timothy Cambodia 2011 #7

Posted in Cambodia,Team Timothy by lenpine on August 1, 2011

The group at Kpbaom

On our next to last day of VBS here, the weather cooperated all day, with only a passing shower in the early afternoon that sent all the kids running into the building but didn’t prevent us from going back outside for games and crafts a short time later. It was a light day, with only about 140 in attendance in the morning, and about 70 or so in the afternoon. I’m not sure what the reason was for the lighter attendance, though we heard a few offered. In any case, it made for a long day but a good one. The crafts went great, and the smaller number made it easier for the teachers to connect with the kids. But I’m listening to the team talk as I write, and we all feel like this village is tougher to work in…seems like the kids are not as interested in spiritual things. Greater poverty is a factor, perhaps. There is definitely some spiritual warfare going on. In any case, the work is a challenge here. Adding to the mix was the lack of electricity today, which meant no sound system, which really helps with crowd control. Again, the smaller numbers made this problem a minor one.

We had new translators today, one quite good, one average, and one fairly new. I took the new one for my adult lesson before lunch, and she did quite well. She told me that she had just graduated from high school, and that this was the first time that she had ever translated for a pastor. With a little help, she did fine and we made it through. Eli’s translator starting ad libbing on him…turned out it was what Eli was going to say in a moment anyway, so no harm done! All of these young people work hard for us, and we appreciate what they do. Without them, we’d be dead in the water.

It’s been great to see our team members grow in their abilities and confidence in teaching and ministering through the past couple of weeks. The change has been unmistakable and a great blessing. After all, discipleship is really the ultimate purpose of these teams.

We all eventually made it home about 6 p.m., and after freshening up a little had a terrific adventure for dinner. We rounded up a pair of tuk-tuks (moto-powered taxis) and headed for Mike’s Burgers, a California-style burger joint with authentic American burgers and fries. The traffic was heavy, and the ride in the cooler evening air weaving in and out of the cars and trucks that moved around us (and the swarm of motos) was a lot of fun with a group of people who had never experienced anything like that. The burgers were incredible, and so were the fries. We had a great time. There was another mission group there for dinner at the same, from a church in California, and we all had fun comparing notes. Mike, the owner (a Cambodian who spent a good deal of time in California) took our picture and is going to print up some business cards with our picture on them for souvenirs, which we’ll pick up on Wednesday Then, a repeat of the ride home, singing, laughing, teasing the drivers into trying to beat the other tuk-tuk…the kids took lots of pictures and will keep a very fun memory in their hearts for a very long time. It was a nice way to end the day.

Now everyone is unwinding a bit before bed, talking on the computer with family, and getting ready for our last day tomorrow. Pray with us tomorrow that we’d have a great turnout to wrap up, and that the kids would be given a calm spirit and a desire for the Lord’s truth. Everyone is getting pretty tired, and eager to come home, and yet feeling a little sadness that it has to come to an end, too.

Thanks for your prayers!


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