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Team Timothy Cambodia 2011 #6

Posted in Cambodia,Team Timothy by lenpine on July 31, 2011


The Saturday afternoon crowd at Kpbaom

It’s been a terrific Lord’s Day here. We enjoyed the worship once again at the International Theological College and Seminary, this time mostly just sitting and soaking up the Word and fellowship. I played the piano again for the congregation, and sang a song I wrote based on Psalm 63 for some special music. The message delivered by Dr. Ezra Kim was good, on Acts 4. After another nice lunch together with the students, our team divided up and went out on evangelism tours with student teams, doing mini VBS programs in about eleven villages across the countryside. They thought they were just going to go and help out, but they all ended up teaching! It was a great experience for them.

Mark and I spent the afternoon at the pastor’s retreat with Ezra, talking about the ministry there, encouraged by the account of God’s faithfulness and provision. It made me feel the tug to go out and teach in the school there as often as I can. Great opportunity is everywhere. Anyway, we sat in a cabana on stilts overlooking a beautiful winding river and a beautiful piece of open land on the bank covered with lush vegetation and palm trees. Ezra owns that land, and intends to build a school for the area in good time. Sponsored by a local congregation in California, the ministry has established 45 churches across Cambodia and Myanmar in addition to the seminary and Bible college. They were a blessing to us.

Now back at the Baldwins, we enjoyed a great dinner of chicken satay, marinated in an Indonesian marinade, and accompanied by steamed rice, sautéed onions, and a homemade peanut dipping sauce. Awesome! The team is now working on getting the crafts ready for tomorrow’s VBS, gluing picture frames together out of tongue depressors for the younger children. We’re expecting a lot of kids, so there are a lot of frames going together. It’s great to hear their happy fellowship as they work together.

Just two more days of VBS, and then a day to pack up and make our way to the airport for our trip home. It hardly seems possible that the time has gone so fast, but there is still a lot of work to do, perhaps the hardest days of work yet if we get the numbers we’re expecting. But everyone is excited, and we’re looking for good things to come.

Thanks for your prayers!

The International Theological College and Seminary


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