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Team Timothy Cambodia 2011 #3

Posted in Cambodia,Team Timothy by lenpine on July 28, 2011

The last day of VBS at Prey Pdao

It was quiet in the van this today after we visited the Tuol Sleng prison in Phnom Penh. No one spoke for the better part of half an hour, lost in their thoughts about what they had seen there. The horror of the godless Khmer Rouge regime cannot be shaken off easily. From there we went straight to the Killing Fields on the outskirts of the city, where we silently walked among the mass graves, carefully stepping over pieces of bone and cloth that remain in the ground as persistent reminders of what happens when men begin to think of themselves as gods unto themselves. [If you want to see pictures of the prison and Killing Fields, I’ll let you just Google them for yourself. Somehow, it seems improper to take pictures there, like exploiting a funeral for personal gain. Everyone felt the same way, and no one except Pastor Baldwin took any pictures.)

The day started off nicely enough…a little cooler due the rain overnight. I was up early, and Mark and I hopped on his moto while the team slept in and went off for a little breakfast and coffee at the local version of Starbucks. When we returned, we gathered up the team (who by then had gotten about of bed and cleaned the house!), and headed off for some morning tourist shopping at the Russian Market, so called because of the district of the city it lies in. The team had a great time finding and making bargains of handicrafts and fun stuff for gifts and souvenirs. We then went to a nice little Chinese pulled noodle cafe downtown. Then, the reality check of Cambodian recent history, which affects every family in this country to this day. We finally made it back to the Baldwins’ and had a nice homemade hamburger and french fry dinner.

It’s been an enormously important day off. Tomorrow we head back to the villages, this time Kpbaom, with the expectation of as many as twice the number of kids that we had in Prey Pdao showing up. The team is working on assembling the craft packets as I write. Knowing more about where the people here are coming from is essential to being all things to all men here as we present the gospel. Tonight, we’re going to debrief a little before we hit the sack, and see what we’ve learned.

Pray that our ministry in Kpbaom goes well; for safety in travel out there, for lots of kids, for continued unity, and for clarity in presenting the good news of Jesus Christ.

Blessings to you!

The happiness in these faces is a stark contrast to the stunned expression on those whose photos are displayed at Tuol Sleng.

Cambodian Starbucks!

The view from the second story of Tuol Sleng prison. The barbed wire was put up to prevent prisoners from throwing themselves off the balcony to commit suicide.


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