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Team Timothy Cambodia 2011 #2

Posted in Cambodia,Team Timothy by lenpine on July 27, 2011

Today we wrapped up the VBS ministry in Prey Pdao. Another 250 kids today! We’ve got a lot of pictures posted on Pastor Baldwin’s Facebook page, if you’d like to see some more. You’ll find a few at the end of this post.

We had lunch at our usual place in a small town near the villages, and got to know our translators a little better. At our table we enjoyed the company of Peter, a second year student at the Bible college. He has a large family, but the look in his eyes was heavy as he told us that his father had died when he was just two years old, and that his step father had died of some disease about three years ago. When I asked him what his family thought of his going to Bible school, he told us that of all his family, only he is a Christian. He is sometimes afraid of going home. He told us that he does not fit in his family anymore, that they think of him as an outsider and do not support him. His whole desire in life is to study the Bible and teach it to others, serving God. In his words, “there is nothing else that I want.” A church in California sponsors his schooling, and he loves to go out and evangelize. The translation work he is doing for us is encouraged by the school, and he absolutely loves it. He’s a good guy, and we’re happy to have him. Pray for him, if you think of it.

The weather was cooler today, with rain overnight, and then a heavy thunderstorm this afternoon. We finished all and were back in Phnom Penh before it really unleashed on us, and the thunder was enormous. This cooler weather (only in the upper 80s) is helping everyone keep going longer. We’re all hoping it will stay that way. The humidity is intense, so when we start the VBS in Kpbaom on Friday, it should be interesting. Right now most of the team is out playing in the driving rain, the next best thing to a pool! Especially since there are about 4 inches of water down the length of the street.

Tomorrow is a day off, and we’ll be taking the team to the “Russian Market” a traditional market where you can get all kinds of tourist-type stuff for not too much money. After that, we’ll have lunch at a great noodle place downtown, and then head out to the Killing Fields and the Toul Sleng genocide museum. The day will start fun, and end soberly. Seeing the graphic evidence of the incredible cruelty of human hearts that reject any notion of God is a shock to the system for sheltered, easy-going American minds. But it’s a good shock back into reality that you never forget, and will never get over.

The power went out just as was wrapping this up, so it may take a little bit to get this online. Hopefully, it won’t be out for long. A night without AC is not something I really want to contemplate…!

Thanks for your prayers.

(The power is back on!)

100+ little ones who loved their craft for the day!

The home we meet at in Prey Pdao. My English and Bible class is getting started under the lean-to.

Rhaquel helping out at craft time.

Sweet face, and a little heart that needs the good news of salvation.


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