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Team Timothy Cambodia 2011 #1

Posted in Cambodia,Team Timothy by lenpine on July 26, 2011


I guess it’s just part of getting a little older…the jet lag is harder to deal with. So, it’s taken me a few days to get my feet under me enough, and my head clear enough, to think about getting this blog going! The past week has been eventful, so I’ll do my best to summarize well.

First of all, I’ve got a terrific team. Everyone gets along, everyone pitches in, everyone is good humored and fervent about serving the Lord. Complaining is not part of our conversations, while encouragement is a regular thing all around, and that started from the first day we all gathered in Olympia, Washington, for boot camp a week ago Saturday.

The team members represent five churches: Eli Pine, Bonners Ferry, Idaho; Andy Wann, Lakeland, Florida; Rhaquel and Jacob Hughey, Olympia, Washington; Sharon and Danielle Blizzard, Cape Canaveral, Florida; and Talitha and AndraLea Mack, Vancouver, Washington, all led by yours truly. They’re all a blessing to work with and be around. Filling out our team here are our PMU missionaries, Pastor Mark Baldwin and his wife, Wiwin. Pastor Mark is overseeing the daily program we’ve worked out together, and I’m overseeing the personnel. So far, all is going great.

We started working together in Olympia as we sang, gave testimonies, and spoke in the services there the Sunday before we left. An early morning flight the next day, and 30 hours later, saw us landing in Phnom Penh late on Tuesday night to be greeted by the Baldwins. Somehow we managed to get all of our luggage and all of us into one 14 passenger van and made our way to the Baldwins’ home. It’s a fantastic arrangement here and we are all enjoying being together, serving together (everyone is signed up for housekeeping chores, for example), and fellowshipping together.

So far, we have three days of ministry in the villages under our belts, a usual Saturday ministry, with teaching and worship services in both villages, and two days of VBS in Prey Pdao, the smaller of the two villages. We had heard that parents were being pressured to keep their children home, and have been praying that the Lord would overrule this situation. We had around 80 there on Saturday, more than we thought, and then 125 yesterday and almost 250 today! Man cannot undo God’s purposes. We have one more day tomorrow there, and we’re hoping to be able to hold a second school in the afternoon. 250 is about as much as we can do at once in the space we have around the house there. This has been a good warmup, since the team is coming home wiped out with only a half day of ministry (and four plus hours of driving back and forth), as they are learning how to deal with the heat and humidity, and how to handle a lot of children efficiently. It wears you out, for sure.

Still, after a little rest and cleanup, they’re all down here in the living room this evening, visiting and enjoying one another’s company. It’s a blessing to hear their happy chatter and laughter together. Today is Wiwin Baldwin’s birthday, and we’re planning on a little surprise party for her…pizza and cake and ice cream. It should be fun.

We began our “boot camp” orientation in Olympia at the Hugheys’ house, and finished it up en route to Siem Reap, the city just outside the Angkor Wat temple site, ancient capital and religious center of the Khmer empire. The young people enjoyed the night market there, the tour of the temples, elephant rides, interesting and unusual foods, and getting some perspective on this country in which they are ministering. It was a good time.

We had a great privilege on Sunday to worship with the faculty and student body of a Reformed Bible college and seminary here in the city. I was invited to preach and play for the congregational singing, and it was a great blessing to do so. At the piano I was dripping sweat all over the keys and down the front of my shirt, and maybe a few tears of joy, too, as I listened to the students sing great hymns of the faith with all their hearts. We enjoyed a fellowship meal with them after the service, and then a nice long afternoon of quiet fellowship at the house. Three of the students are serving as interpreters for us this week, and they are gifted young men at working with children and interpretation as well.

On a personal note, I wasn’t planning on doing much else besides playing music for VBS, letting the young people do all the teaching. They are doing very well at that, indeed. Still, a good-sized group of older teens and adults have been coming the last two mornings, so I’m spending a couple of hours with them teaching English and Bible (focusing the discussion on the VBS theme of the prodigal son). They are truly engaged in the lessons, and are listening intently to the gospel. Nearly all do not yet know the Savior, so please pray for them to run to their Heavenly Father for mercy as the prodigal did to his earthly father.

Thanks to all for your prayers! Until the next time, God bless from Cambodia.

The team at the Pra Thom temple in Angkor Wat

Talitha teaching her Bible lesson on Saturday at Prey Pdao

Bible lesson time on Saturday at Kpbaom

Preaching at the Reformed Bible college and seminary in Phnom Penh


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  1. Pizza, cake and ice cream.. of course it was a lot of fun!!

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