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Day 6 Cambodia-Myanmar 09

Posted in Cambodia,Myanmar by lenpine on November 16, 2009

A Long Hot Day

When we walked out the door early on Monday morning, we were met with a blast of hot, moist air…hotter and moister than any of the previous days. We were coming to the end of the relatively cooler rainy season, and it was beginning to show pretty dramatically. The day was supposed to be a hot one, in the 90s, and it lived up to its billing.

On our way out, we stopped again at a village to pick up fruit from our usual vendor, and Karen and I took a stroll through the rest of the market while Mark dickered for the fruit he was after. We met a boy in the market who had a stall from which he sold purses. He was excited and wanted to practice his English, which was understandable…certainly better than my Khmer! I don’t think the folks at that market were used to Westerners coming through, as we were stared at everywhere. When we smiled at folks, some weren’t quite sure what to do, but most smiled back and seemed glad to see us (not to mention sensing a chance to sell something to us!).

Pbaom Brunch

Ready for lunch

We enjoyed our fellowship and meal with the lay leader and his family again. Fish today, grilled beef, some chicken soup, a delicious mango dipping sauce for the meat, and rice, of course. Once again, the chickens and dogs were happy to see us, as the bones and gristle were tossed to the floor as usual. We also took the opportunity to buy some of the special silk cloth that the family weaves as a gift for our family members back home. The cloth is used in special occasions like weddings and funerals, and is quite heavy (for silk), and of beautiful patterns. Each weaver has his or her own pattern, and the process is quite time consuming and tedious. The results, though, are spectacular. We picked up a 4 meter piece.

Our hosts

Group shot with the lay leader's family

We had the same VBS schedule that we ran on Saturday. The program went from 12-4, more or less, to accommodate the kids from Prey Pdao, who had to be picked up as before and whose school schedule was a little different that the Pbaom kids’. Mark taught the red page, on the crucifixion of Christ and his atonement, and Miriam taught the white page, on resurrection and purity from sin. The kids had no trouble remembering the meaning of the various colors, and really enjoyed the lessons. Their attitude in general is excellent and eager. They come ready with their Bible memory work everyday, and we can see and hear them working on the verses before and after VBS, as well as on break times, all on their own initiative. There are prizes for the memory work: nothing big, just some stickers, puzzles, and small games that the kids really like. They work hard for them.

Snack Time

Getting the bread ready was a major operation

This was a huge day in terms of numbers: 213 did the crafts, which were simple scratch hearts and crosses, and home-made tambourines. They loved those, and made a lot of noise with them. Again, the adults had fun making their own as well. We played Cat and Mouse, which was chaotic in the small space inside, and a game where everyone makes a circle and has to sit at the same time on the knees of the person behind them without falling over. Very fun to do and watch! Builds trust, too. We went through 150 loaves of bread today for the snack, and I don’t know how many cans of sweetened condensed milk. The ants had a field day, though. That stuff gets everywhere.

It was a great day…but with over 200 children, in 90+ degree heat, we were worn out, soggy, and dusty as we climbed back in the van for the ride back to Phnom Penh. We cleaned up a little and then went to our little, low-key Khmer place for a light supper before getting back to the hotel. I should say, too, that the Goldiana Hotel has a great swimming pool that Miriam took advantage

VBS Crowd

What an awesome blessing to have this many children to teach about God's love!

of every night, I think, and Karen and I enjoyed a few nights as well. Really refreshing way to end the day, as the water was surprisingly cool for an open-air pool. And you could stretch out on the deck and relax without worrying about mosquitoes. Never saw one in Phnom Penh, though there were a few in the country.


The Goldiana Hotel pool on the third floor open to the sky!


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