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Day 1-3 Cambodia-Myanmar 09

Posted in Cambodia,Myanmar by lenpine on October 29, 2009

En Route

Karen and I had an uneventful trip, arriving on in Phnom Penh after a brief but very helpful night’s sleep at the airport hotel in Bangkok…what a good idea, I intend to stay there every time I make this trip in the future. Actually felt human when we got to Phnom Penh. It was awesome to have Karen travel with me and share the adventure!

Bangkok Airport Hotel Lobby

Yeah, that's the inside of the building!


Rev. Baldwin enjoying taking up the entire back seat of a tuk tuk

Rev. Mark Baldwin met us at the airport with a big smile and nice van. He’s doing well, and was obviously very busy with last minute preparations. Just as obviously he was excited about the prospects of a great ministry together. We got settled in at the Goldiana Hotel in Phnom Penh. Very comfortable, very reasonable, and the staff is genuinely courteous and helpful. Besides, in Karen’s opinion they have the world’s most beautiful elevators. It’s a small car, but the interior is all hand-carved wood. Since we were only one floor up, we felt a little embarrassed to ride the elevator, but Karen’s love of the elevator would not be denied. After dumping our stuff off and taking a rest, we enjoyed lunch and then dinner later at a couple of different Khmer restaurants in the neighborhood within walking distance. Good stuff.

Lounging in the Lobby

Ladies in the Goldiana

Miriam’s flight down to PP was a little more eventful. Her connection was delayed and then cancelled, and she was two hours late. Since she was supposed to land at around 9 pm, it got to be a very late night for all concerned. Nonetheless, we were delighted to finally see her smiling face…and then get her into her room down the hall from us and rush back into our own bed! We had an early start ahead of us the next day.


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